Pumpernickel House–The Crone and The Maiden, A Child Who’s All Answers


The Normal School– The Wolf Inside, The Unopened Grave

Pleiades– The Scar Will Look Like a Face


The Pinch– Grandmother Forbids Me from Being a Witch for Halloween, The Poltergeist Girl


The Molotov Cocktail — The New Model


Phantom Drift Limited– Zeno’s Armageddon


Coffin Bell: A Journal of Dark Literature–The Monsters, The Mouth, Waiting Under a Bridge, Clinical Lycanthropy, A Dictionary of Halves

Zoetic Press/NonBinary Review– Don’t Forget The Tinderbox

Thistle Magazine-Eurydice’s Song, Hel The Woman

Tinderbox Poetry Journal– Why Stick Your Neck Out, When You Find Yourself Divine

Glass: A Journal of Poetry– Miss Pond’s Etiquette For The Absurd

Gingerbread House Literary Magazine– Perils of Glass


Connotation Press– The Frog Prince, East of the Sun

Gingerbread House Literary Magazine– Diamonds and Toads

Elbow Room– Famine and Feast

Phantom Drift Limited– The Other Woodman, The Serpent Coiled Around The World

Tinderbox Poetry Journal– Symptoms of Faithlessness


Mistress– The Anatomy of a Witch, The Mysteries and Rites of Hestia

Rose Red Review– Reading the Cards

Yellow Chair Review–Bloody Mary


Silver Birch Press: Self-Portrait Poetry Series– “A Portrait of a Poet and Her Daemons”


Gingerbread House Literary Magazine– Imposter, The Fitcher’s Birds